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At Grower Direct Marketing we are proud to represent, in partnership, the finest asparagus growers in Mexico, California, and Peru. The time-honored growing tradition and progressive advancement in growing, packing, and shipping, have made Grower Direct Marketing a leader in quality, freshness, and customer loyalty in the asparagus industry.

We offer 27 different pack-styles when packing asparagus. Responsive to customer demands, we have created programs that we service throughout the world on a daily basis. Grower Direct remains a leader in Food Safety advancement. Our standards are unparalleled and unbending in the area of food safety. Because we demand that our products be safe, we have implemented safety regulations imposed by HACCP and the GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) initiative.

Grower Direct Marketing recognizes the importance of delivering a product that is grown and packaged following the safest protocol. Don’t miss out on a chance this season to try the finest fresh, green asparagus that Mexico has to offer!

For more information, check out our pack styles and labels below. We invite you to Contact Us with any questions you might have!


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